How ConnFACT is helping

ConnFACT continues to support the efforts of our GMO labeling campaign, GMO Free CT. Our leaders are continuing to educate CT citizens about GMOs and how to avoid them. ConnFACT also educates CT legislators and maintains a lobbyist to assist us in our efforts with the CT Legislature. Currently, our bill is awaiting some trigger clauses before it goes into effect. We must have four other states in the U.S. pass a similar bill, one state must border CT, and an aggregate population of 20 million people in the Northeast, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, must be affected.  In the 2015 legislative session, ConnFACT is seeking to have our trigger clause removed so that GMOs are labeled immediately.

ConnFACT supports Citizens for GMO Labeling and other organizations that seek to inform the public about GMOS, pesticides and other unsafe chemicals.