Other Issues

In addition to GMO labeling and Fluoridation, ConnFACT is proud to be working on these issues:

1)  Pesticides  -  ConnFACT is working to extend the current ban on pesticides in our state from schools grounds of daycare through grade eight to include high schools, athletic fields, municipal parks and town greens.  There are many studies that link toxic lawn pesticides with birth defects, developmental delays, behavioral disorders, motor dysfunction, neurotoxicity and other diseases. Children and pets are particularly susceptible.  Lawn pesticides can be tracked inside of schools and homes where they can contaminate air, dust, carpets and other surfaces.  We believe the solution is to reduce these toxic substances by banning them in certain places and using organic lawn care in its place.  For more information about pesticides and what is happening with the current fight in Connecticut, please visit the following website  hhtp://watershedpartnership.org