Take Action

Our success at ConnFACT depends on your involvement.  We can raise the issues and oversee the campaign, but we need the people of Connecticut to support us.

How can you help?

1)  The easiest way to help us is to contact your legislators and tell them to support our initiatives.  Please call and/or write to your legislators today to tell them to support any of the issues we discuss here at ConnFACT.  Click HERE to find out who your legislators are and to retrieve their contact information.  Please call and write both your senator and representative.  Your letters do not need to be long.  Simply provide them with the following information:

I live in XXX town and am your constituent.

I am writing because I want you to support: label GMOs, put the decision to fluoridate water back to the municipalities, ban GE grass seeds, extend the ban on lawn pesticides at schools, parks & fields.

I care about this issue because . . . (i.e. I want my child to be able to avoid GMO food, have access to safe, clean water, be safe while playing at school or in the park etc)

Urge your legislator to contact the leadership in their caucus and tell them to support these bills.

Or call their office:
House Democrats: 800-842-8267
House Republicans: 800-842-1423

Senate Democrats: 800-842-1420
Senate Republicans: 800-842-1421

For more information on communicating with your legislator click here.

2)  Please make sure you are signed up for our Action Alerts and be sure to follow us on Facebook.  Email us at connfact@gmail.com to sign up for our Action Alerts.  Once you are signed up to receive our Action Alerts, you will receive updates on what is happening and how you can support us at crucial moments, like when the legislature in Hartford is about to vote on our bill and we need you to call your legislator to urge them to support the bill.

3)  Another way to help support us is by making a donation to our organization.  ConnFACT is made up of all volunteers working hard on your behalf but we do need money for critical things, such as paying for our lobbyist and creating educational materials for our seminars & events.  With the exception of a small credit card processing fee, your entire donation will go toward our cause of creating a safer & healthier Connecticut.  Click here to donate*:

Or, if you prefer, please make a check payable to ConnFACT and send to PO Box 932, Farmington, CT 06034.

4)  Finally, consider becoming a volunteer with us.  We need more people like us, who are passionate about these issues, to help with our campaigns.  We are in need of volunteers to work locally in their towns across Connecticut to help us continue building this movement.  Contact us at connfact@gmail.com to discuss volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved to create change in your community.

For more information about how you can take action click here


* At ConnFACT, we take your privacy seriously.  We collect your name, address, email and credit card information.  We do not share your personal information with any third parties.