Clever Makeup tips and tricks for round face

Everyone is not blessed with high cheekbones and perfectly chiseled jaw, if you are glorified with round face naturally you have a beauty of filler cheeks and it helps to look and keep you youthful. Round faces are one of the common face structures for most people, but understanding the natural shape of the face creates confusions.

Round faces generally have wider cheeks and curved jaw, but often it’s just one particular feature to make over face look round. Before proceeding to makeup tips, you need to decide with hairstyle for round face, on hadviser you can find some advices

Here the tips to round face makeup that works.

What are the things to know before choosing makeup for round face?

Find your Shape of face

Round Face MakeupIt is better to know the shade and shape of your face before heading into makeup, contouring is the prime idea to find your face shape. Create a contour line by leaving your chin to go with double or three darker shades by underneath your cheekbone as chubby cheeks makeup.

Create a triangle shape of contour lines, by it, should give angular look; cover the line of contour fully on the face. You might get your face of shape now.

Outset Fresh your makeup

A good resulted makeup needs the better foundation; initially wash your face then immediately make up your face before moisturizer left in your skin. Wash your face on warm water, it retains your skin exfoliating and moisturizing for some time. The combos of facial massage on hot water with oil will hydrate your skin and make it prepare for makeup. Apply the makeup on your face without any interval of applying cleansing and moisturizing.

Employ concealer for eye

You might find concealer products in the market; go with the best product which can’t affect your skin. Apply concealer before applying foundation to face; crease will arise in your eyelids when you fill concealer over foundation.

Draw a spaced line on your eye first then fill up space with a perfect winged liner, and then draw hash tag on eyelids to know the edge of your eye. Then shaded it with eye shadow colors, do lighten the shadow as per your requirement. Heat eyeliner and draw a dark line then cover your eyelids with eyeshades shade pop, mascara.

Add a solution of mascara container it will make your eye to re-wet it.

Chubby Cheeks Makeup

Go for glow with makeup brushes

Choose the product which will not act only as cream, it should create glow and radiance to your skin and provides healthy to the skin. Ensure the product before choosing it should not affect your skin health it is the biggest beauty asset in makeup for round face shape. Do makeup to express your beauty, not as an outward foundation, use appropriate brushes for shadowing your eyes, and for blush.

Choose the hairstyle depends on your face shape and forehead shade, change your lipstick and lip liner which will match your lip tone. Sketch the borders on the lip and apply creamy lipstick in different shades but don’t go with gloss.